The expert on metal sulfides

Advancing from the market and technology leader in tribology to a global expert in speciality chemicals for highly engineered applications.

Tribotecc is the world’s largest manufacturer when it comes to various special metal sulfides. As functional additives, they are used in brake pads and clutch facings as well as in lubricants, polymers, powder metallurgy, abrasives, batteries and within a variety of other fields.

Tribotecc has also gained world leadership in technology and innovation. The company develops, manufactures and distributes both synthetic and natural metal sulfides using a unique, patented synthetic manufacturing process. Tribotecc has the world's largest capacities for various special metal sulfides.


The Tribotecc® products are a component of essential everyday items. Our top-quality additives for brake pads, lubricants, plastics, sintered compacts, cut-off and grinding wheels as well as photovoltaics and batteries contribute to the safety and comfort of many people all over the world.

Tribotecc is the only supplier worldwide producing in a specifically tailored way to meet customer requirements. A special synthetic manufacturing process guarantees the production of metal sulfides in any required composition, quantity and of consistent quality. This allows for reproducible products of superior and constant purity and of outstanding performance.


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